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Need API’s? Explore the value of IBM’s API Management solution for sharing service APIs with mobile applications: Demonstration included!
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Kevin Postreich
How do I share service APIs with mobile applications?
To be a successful business and provide increased value to clients, you need to continue to innovate while achieving cost optimization. With IBM’s API management solution, you have an opportunity to expose key business services to business partners to drive new forms of collaboration, increase revenue opportunities, and provide higher value services to your customers.
Business services are exposed with APIs. An API management solution is imperative to the success of externalizing the core services by providing easy assembly of new APIs, enabling security and different levels of service, providing management and insight to developers and business users, and socializing those APIs to developers, through communities and portals. This enables organizations to participate in the API economy, with rapid, highly secure connections between API providers and API consumers.

API Management V3.0 provides capabilities for creating, proxying, assembling, securing, and scaling the APIs. This solution also provides detailed analytics and operational metrics to the business owner and a customizable developer portal to socialize the APIs and manage applications that can be used by the developers.
In this session, attendees will learn how to quickly configure an API management solution and rapidly create new APIs from existing business assets and cloud services through configuration and a no-coding approach.

This session also includes a demonstration of the solution whereby a new API is defined that assembles existing cloud services running on IBM Bluemix and IBM PureApplication System. The API developer exposes a simple interface that exposes the Bank Location and Branch Services from the system of record REST service and SOAP service in the cloud. We will demonstrate how WSRR and API management work together to build new APIs from existing services registered in WSRR.

Kevin Postreich:

Kevin Postreich is a Sr. IT specialist / consultant with IBM. He joined the World Wide Application Infrastructure technical sales team in 2012 supporting customer deployments of WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere eXtreme Scale, PureApplication System, and WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR). Kevin also has a strong background in in middleware / application performance engineering and troubleshooting methodologies.
Kevin is certified with the following IBM technologies: PureApplication System, WebSphere Application Server, and SOA technologies. He is also a Master Certified I/T Specialist through the Open Group.
In his WW technical sales role, Kevin’s focus has been in the on premise cloud space which includes PureApplication System configurations, deployments, and enablement for IBM technical sales teams and customers alike.
Kevin leads IBM PureApplication System enablement and proof of technologies in the United States and abroad. Kevin contributed to the development and delivery the PureApplication System advanced enablement to IBM technical sellers and IBM business partners.
Kevin also focuses on the development and delivery of WebSphere eXtreme Scale POCs and technical enablement. Kevin developed and leads WXS deep dive workshops, for IBM technical sellers, IBM business partners and customers interested in developing deep technical skills with eXtreme Scale caching implementations.
Kevin recently strengthened his technical abilities with API management, broadening his existing experience with SOA and SOA governance from his tenure in IBM lab services (ISSW) working with clients to architect, design, and implement SOA Governance solutions using WSRR, WMB, and Datapower.

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