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Real-World Large Scale Mobile Apps for the Enterprise with IBM Worklight
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Andrew Ferrier; Donal Spring
In this talk, we'll discuss some of the real-world lessons we've learnt about how to build IBM Worklight apps that are ready for the enterprise, based on experience from real IBM customer projects. We'll start out with a review of the IBM Worklight product and its key components. We'll then focus on a few key aspects of how to drive out a quality application: building a Continuous Integration-based end-to-end environment, and the power of combining that with automated testing for mobile applications and server-side service components, using both IBM Worklight technology and open-source toolkits. We'll also talk about how to decouple client-side and server-side concerns, and some of the ways to make an app that's both secure and future-proofed. We'll conclude with a review of how this allows us to drive app change through in days, not months.

Andrew Ferrier:

Andrew consults for IBM Software Services, working with IBM customers on
mobile technologies, especially Dojo Mobile and IBM Worklight.

He has presented extensively on Dojo, Mobile, REST, and Web APIs,
contributing Intellectual Capital to the IBM and WebSphere communities, as
well as writing two Redbooks, and numerous posts on Dojo and Worklight Tips
'n' Tricks (http://dojotipsntricks.com/) and SOA Tips 'n' Tricks
(http://soatipsntricks.wordpress.com/), both of which co-founded. He also
regularly speaks at internal and external customer conferences, including
IBM IMPACT and the European WebSphere Technical Conference, as well as being a regular at the WebSphere User Group. Previously, he
worked with WebSphere ESB and WebSphere Process Server.

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Donal Spring :

Donal Spring is a recent joiner to IBM in September 2013. Previous to this he studied Chemistry & Biology before completing a Masters in Computer Science. He joined IBM's Software Services for Mobile group and consults with IBM customers on IBM Worklight and how to make them successful with mobile technology. He is currently working on a project with a large UK retailer developing a consumer-facing sales channel application that combines open source tooling with IBM products to maximise the speed of development and optimise integration with other business partners.

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