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WebSphere Security Overview - Part 1
WebSphere Platform (3)
Simon Kapadia; Alisdair Nottingham
This session will focus on the new security features introduced within WAS v6.1 and v7. \n<br><br>\nFirstly, Simon Kapdia will take attendees through the new security features that were introduced in version 6.1; the whole "secure by default" concept (and what it actually means); the new SSL certificate management which is a huge improvement on what there used to be; the SPNEGO TAI becoming part of the product; fine grained administrative access control via scripting; and some additional areas of interest.\n<br><br>\nAlasdair Nottignham will then discuss some of the main changes introduced within version 7, including but not limited to the new auditing framework and the concept of multiple security domains per cell.

Simon Kapadia:

Simon Kapadia is the Security Lead for IBM Software Services for WebSphere (ISSW) in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa). He works on designing and implementing large distributed computer systems for IBM customers. Simon holds a Bachelor's degree in English and Drama and a Master's in Computing Science. He has owned a computer since six years of age and has turned a lifelong hobby into a career. Prior to joining IBM, Simon developed software for digital exchanges at Bell Laboratories, managed networks and Web applications at an ISP, and supported and consulted on DCE, DFS, and Encina for Transarc Corporation. You can reach Simon at simon.kapadia@uk.ibm.com or via his public Web site at http://www.kapadia.pl.

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Alisdair Nottingham:

Alasdair Nottingham is the WebSphere Application Server messaging security lead. His primary responsibility is for the security functionality of the default messaging provider (also known as the service integration bus); he is also responsible for the security integration of the WebSphere MQ messaging provider. He has worked in the WebSphere Application Server development organization since graduating in 2001 from Southampton University with a BSc in Computer Science.

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