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IBM Robotic Process Automation
Cloud Platforms and Process (2)
Claudio Tagliabue; Sam Weeks
With the recent surge of interest in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), clients around the world are looking to position software robots alongside orchestrated business processes and traditional integrations in their application architecture landscape. This session addresses how RPA relates to Business Process Management, and introduces the new member of the IBM Digital Process Automation family: IBM RPA with Automation Anywhere.
We will show how BPM and RPA can be combined from both a conceptual and a technical point of view and we will bring to life the power of Cognitive Business Operations when applied to RPA.
The session provides guidance and clarity to address the confusion between RPA and BPM and answer key questions such as how the drivers for RPA and BPM compare what the joint value proposition is and how this works in practice.

Claudio Tagliabue:

Claudio Tag is an IBM Cloud Solution Architect, with vast experience in Digital Transformation and the world of XaaS. He is excited by business change in the 21st Century and the consequent demands on technology. Making the "complicated" "business as usual" has been Tag’s focus for the past 10 years. Through his work with clients as a domain expert for IBM's ground-breaking cloud technologies, Tag has gained significant insight into today's senior IT stakeholder motivations. Tag worked in various IBM labs, and presented his work at several conferences around the world, focusing on BPM, RPA, microservices, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes and Docker.
Tag also authored two IBM Redbook publications. He can be followed on Twitter @ClaudioTag

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Sam Weeks:

Sam Weeks is a technical specialist for IBM Cloud, specializing in Digital Process Automation. He is passionate about driving value from process optimization in modern business. Working with several customers in different industries, Sam has matured first-hand experience with Cognitive and IoT capabilities, used to extend IBM SaaS, ODM and BPM technologies, and his work has been shared across Europe. Sam is constantly working to push the traditional boundaries of BPM. His work with APIs for process optimization is industry leading in the financial sector, bringing UK banks into the API-economy to create compelling customer experiences.

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