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How to use WebSphere as a Service in Bluemix
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Anita Rass Wan; Kevin Postreich
Are you interested in running traditional enterprise web applications in the cloud? In this session, we will show you how to make that real! We will demonstrate how to successfully deploy Java Enterprise applications that need to use on-premise Systems of Records, as well as leveraging services in Bluemix.

If you are thinking about moving to "The Cloud" but are hesitating because your IT environment is firmly anchored to the ground. Come and find out how to leverage your current WebSphere applications in IBM Bluemix to leverage your and data, existing WebSphere automation and skills to make the cloud work for you.

We will discuss concerns such as secure access to the cloud and your on-premise data, network latency, and public & dedicated environments in IBM Bluemix to suite your needs and budgets for test environments, migration, and production workloads.

Anita Rass Wan:

Anita Rass Wan is a Senior Worldwide Product Manager on the WebSphere Application Server Platform team. She is responsible for helping improve the developer experience building and managing applications for the WebSphere Application platform family. Anita has held various senior positions in development, release management and product management. She has published various papers, and has disclosures and a patent in application development and performance tools.

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Kevin Postreich:

Kevin is the IBM World Wide technical sales lead for WebSphere Application Server, supporting customer deployments of WebSphere Application Server and Liberty, WebSphere eXtreme Scale and WAS on Cloud solutions. His role and responsibility also includes development and delivery of technical accelerators for IBM technical sales organizations, customers, and business partners around the world. He routinely leads customer workshops and delivers technical enablement designed to accelerate the experience, knowledge, and adoption of IBM Hybrid Cloud and Systems Middleware solutions. Kevin is a regular speaker at IBM events such as WebSphere User Groups, Software Technical Academies, and InterConnect. He has experience with WebSphere in context of IBM Bluemix, DevOps, UrbanCode Deploy, Docker, micro services, APIs, WebSphere Connect, IBM PureApplication System, eXtreme Scale and more.

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