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Infrastructure as Code (IAC): A Review of Tools & Techniques for Managing WebSphere Middleware
Hybrid Cloud & DevOps (5)
Scott Bybee; Richard Caldeira
Treating infrastructure as code is starting to gain attention in the industry. It is an approach that can be used to manage complex middleware environments. Also known as programmable infrastructure, IAC, means writing code (using a high level or any descriptive language) to manage configurations, automate provisioning of infrastructure and for application deployments. IAC is not too different from scripting, that is commonly used for infrastructure automation. The problem with scripts is that they automate static steps and have limited flexibility and ability to implement complex actions.

How many times have you manually applied the same steps or run the same script when creating a WebSphere Application Server, MQ or IIB instance. , or relied on another team to set up WebSphere environment for you? What if all of these actions were scripted and versioned just like the rest of applications using the WebSphere middleware.?

This talk examines the concepts behind IAC, the key approaches being used and the different tools on the market that use IAC. Our experience with tools like Chef, Puppet, Urbancode and Talos will be shared. The basics of each of these tools — along with their similarities, use cases, and differences will be discussed.

Scott Bybee:

Scott Bybee is the original creator of the IBM Rational Automation Framework and has spent the last 17 years consulting helping organizations optimize their build and release strategies around IBM middleware software. Scott is currently working for Avnet where he is actively involved in Talos, Avnet's Middleware Automation software. Scott is based in Saint Petersburg, Russia and is engaged with a variety of large enterprise customers across Europe.

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Richard Caldeira:

Richard Caldeira is a Senior Digital Integration Architect at Arqino. With 20 years of integration experience he has experienced covered Web, Mobile, API Management, SOA, ESB and DevOps technologies and methodologies. Provides Integration expertise in IBM’s Integration Bus, Message Broker and WebSphere MQ and Apigee Edge. Extensive experience across numerous business sectors including Financial Services, Retail and Manufacturing sectors.

Richard was responsible for building the MQ toolkit for Talos, Avnet's Middleware Automation software.

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