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User experience - WAS migrations unconference
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David Vines; Paul Thompson; Stephen Hellberg
The purpose of this session was to have a less formal interaction with other users in the group and technical experts in the area of migration. Whether you want to hear other people’s experiences of migration, share some feedback with development about the process, or just ask some specifc questions about migration, then this session will be a great opportunity. Come and get involved.

David Vines:

Dave Vines is an IBM Master Inventor and Senior Software Engineer at the IBM Hursley Laboratory in the United Kingdom working in WebSphere Application Server Development most recently specialising on the Liberty Profile and IBM workload Deployer. He has been involed with server migration throughout his time working on the WebSphere Application Server. He joined the laboratory in 1984 and has worked on a wide variety of IBM program products including GDDM, MQSeries, LANDP and, since 1998, on Component Broker and WebSphere Application Server. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Exeter, England, in 1984.

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Paul Thompson:

Paul Thompson is a certified IT specialist with over 30 years experience in IT. Much of this time has been working with IBM's customers helping them address these architectural challenges. Paul is a chartered IT professional and member of the British Computer Society

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Stephen Hellberg:

Dr Stephen Hellberg started conducting software engineering research within computational science - developing scientific 'supercomputing' software with distributed and parallel computers. The maturing of these systems facilitated economic development of and building significant enterprise business systems based on huge databases on ever larger server hardware, such as corporate data warehousing, enterprise application integration (EAI) and data mining - earlier generations of Big Data and Analytics! After assisting enterprises construct, use and integrate such systems as a technical infrastructure consultant and solutions architect, he has spent the past 10 years supporting IBM customers on IBM SWG Products with Java, specifically those employing the Hotspot JDKs when leading a L3 support team, on various UNIX enterprise platforms (Solaris, HP-UX, etc.) and with a variety of software stacks (mostly Websphere-based). Presently, my responsibilities concern issues associated with assisting customers and products transitioning within the IBM java ecoysysem, whether thats helping acquisition teams onto IBM java, or across our server platforms, adopt upcoming releases like Java 7, or departing from the end-of-supported lines such as 5.0 (similar support to that provided towards the end of IBM's 1.4.2 java); I participate with our developments leveraging OpenJDK, and I am frequently engaged to assist with performance matters with IBM products when employing the non-IBM HotSpot JVM.

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