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IBM WebSphere Mobile Strategy
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Matthew Perrins
This presentation will outline the IBM Mobile Strategy, explain how this has become increasingly important for IBM clients across all business sectors. The presentation will out line the 4 approaches for mobile development and how IBM can support these with a robust offering enabling a full end to end solution to be delivered that is enterprise grade. The presentation will also explain more detail about the recent Worklight acquisition and how this now fits into the story. Finally it will finish with demo of an application being built for an iPad.

Matthew Perrins:

Matthew Perrins is an Executive IT Specialist for IBM Software Group Lab Services based at the world famous Hursley Development Lab in the UK. He leads the WebSphere Mobile Business Solutions team for Europe which is focused on delivering first of kind Web 2.0 and Mobile solutions for IBM Clients. He has worked for IBM since 1989 and has spent the last 15 years working with Java and enterprise solutions with WebSphere and J2EE. Matthews expertise in end user solutions allow him to focused on architecting, designing and developing solutions that operate between the end user and the edge of an SOA. This involves Web 2.0, Ajax at one end of the spectrum through to Portal, Business Space traditional Web Technology's in the middle and then right through to Rich Client technology's that operating on the Desktop and Device like PhoneGap, Eclipse RCP and Lotus Expeditor, Notes and Sametime. His skills are focused on all the User Interface technologies that are strategic to IBM and our customers. Matthew is one of the leading practioners of Web 2.0 for IBM and has lead a number of key projects that have helped shape a lot of best practices for Web 2.0 solution design and delivery.

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