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Ian Larner
The IBM WebSphere User Technologies team are always working to improve the information provided for WebSphere users. Changes to the information are driven by understanding what users do with WebSphere products in realistic scenarios, where best to provide information, and how to make it easier for users to access and make use of information. Some of that understanding, and the direction of improvements in information, comes from you, the WebSphere users.

In this session, the IBM WebSphere User Technologies team describe some new directions being rolled out to give you better information on using WebSphere products. These directions include:
* A new product connectivity information center, describing real scenarios for activities that WebSphere users have highlighted
* A new way to find and work with information across IBM more easily and from one place
* Tools that you can use for collaborating with other WebSphere users and the IBM WebSphere team

Following the presentation there will be time available for questions and feedback. The IBM WebSphere User Technologies team are always glad to work with WebSphere users to improve the experience of using WebSphere products. We are here today to meet with you - to hear what you have to say, and to exchange ideas about using WebSphere products.

Ian Larner:

Ian has worked for IBM for 22 years, in Information Development/User Technologies. His role as an Information Architect and Software Engineer is to help teams to deliver information for IBM products and solutions that matches user needs and forms an integrated and consistent user experience. Before joining IBM, Ian worked as a Technical Author for several companies in England and France for 5 years, and before that as a Mechanical Engineer. Ian started out on CICS, and has since worked on many WebSphere products; currently mainly on WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus and the WebSphere Business Process Management family.

Ian Larner

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