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Are you a Java developer ? Are you a Java tester ? Are you a Java architect ? Are you a Java user ? Do you spend time diagnosing apparent Java problems ? Are you a manager with people working for you that are involved with Java in any way ? Are you an Exec whose mission includes products or services that contain Java code ? If the answer to any of the above questions is YES then it`s time you heard about all the Java Consumability good news. \n<br><br>\nIBM`s  Java Technology Centre is busy creating ways for people to get a better experience with Java and are making various tools available. These tools will help you tune your own applications that use Java as the core component, help you understand your own code, help you increase your knowledge of what is happening within the Java Virtual Machine, help you diagnose problems and most importantly, help you keep your systems alive and well. \n<br><br>\nTrent Gray-Donald and Will Smith will introduce a number of these tools and will demonstrate the current capability of some of them. They will also be very keen to hear feedback, requests for new functionality and ideas of new areas that they should be developing.

Trent Gray-Donald:

Trent Gray-Donald is the technical manager of the J9 J2SE Java Virtual Machine team at IBM. His other main responsibility is leadership of reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) technology for the IBM Java Technology Centre. His previous efforts include roles on the VisualAge for SmallTalk and VisualAge for Java teams.

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Will Smith:

Will Smith has been a Java runtime developer since 2001, working on Java SE Class Library code and then IBM's Java monitoring and diagnostic tools. Will`s current project aims to smooth the flow of diagnostic information from a Java problem to the IBM Support engineer who diagnoses the problem.

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