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WASv7 Overview
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Tim Francis; Ian Robinson
WebSphere Application Server V7 builds upon the powerful and stable core of previous releases with new features and enhancements. In addition to support for the latest standards and programming models, this release contains key improvements in the areas of systems management, installation, security and auditing. V7 provides complete support for the Java EE 5 specification, which is aimed at simplifying enterprise Java development and making enterprise application development more accessible to all Java developers. This release supports the latest Web services standards including WS-Policy, WS-ReliableMessaging, and WS-SecureConversation and offers simple administrative tasks to config Web services, including several pre-configured standard Web service profiles such as WS-I RSP for reliable, secure conversations. \n<br><br>\nSeveral important systems management additions have been made in V7 to enable more flexible, scalable, and asynchronous administrative topology. Administration of "business-level applications" is provided for managing several related artifacts as a combined unit. A new property-based configuration tool gives you the ability to easily import and export server configurations. \n<br><br>\nThis session provides an overview of the new content in V7 and the value this provides.

Tim Francis:

Tim Francis is an IBM Distinguished Engineer, the WebSphere senior architect responsible for the development experience offered by the WebSphere Application Server, and the chief architect of Rational Application Developer (RAD). Tim has led all technical aspects relating to the development tools integration with the WAS since the product was first developed. He is a senior member of the WebSphere Architecture Board, and a core member of the Rational Development Council.

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Ian Robinson:

Dr Ian Robinson is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and is the architect for transaction technologies for the WebSphere platform, based at IBM's Hursley Lab in the UK. Ian is a senior architect for the WebSphere Application Server and has been involved with WebSphere, and Component Broker before that, for over ten years. Ian is co-chair of the OASIS WS-Transaction technical committee and active in a number of other software standards efforts.

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