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The next generation Internet: a CTO perspective
WEB 2.0 and Internet Channel Innovation (3)
David Boloker
The next generation of the Internet will uncover as many revolutionary business opportunities as the first. Within five years Web 2.0 will generate a new age of collective intelligence and extreme insight, in which companies can correlate the massive amounts of information on the Internet with that of their own enterprises, including text, audio, video and dynamic “gadgets,” to create real-time business scenarios and timelines never before possible. \n<br><br>\nThis session will give folks a glimpse into the vast possibilities of Web 2.0 technologies, with an eye fixed on real demonstrations and the businesses behind them.\n<br><br>\nThis session was initially advertised as a Mashup & QEDWiki session, and will indeed include these topic areas, but will now paint a much wider picture than originally planned for the benefit of the WUG UK audience.

David Boloker:

David Boloker, CTO Emerging Internet Technology, IBM SWG:<br>\nDavid Boloker is a Distinguished Engineer and Chief Technical Officer for Emerging Internet Technologies in IBM Software Group. Previously, he held the position of Chief Technical Officer for Java Technologies in Software Group. \n<br><br>\nDavid is recognized in and outside IBM as a technical leader in the Internet software space guiding IBM's investments as well as internal product development. David's recent responsibilities included shaping IBM's Web 2.0 strategy, founding the Open Ajax Alliance and driving IBM's Situational Application work, as well as researching new areas in software design. Additionally, David spends about a third of his time working in the venture capital and startup communities partnering and discussing various trends and directions in the internet and gaming areas. David is chiefly responsible for IBM's adoption of Dojo and leads the vision and development of QEDWiki and Info 2.0. \n<br><br>\nPrevious to joining Software Group, David worked at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center and the Cambridge Scientific Center doing research in the area of remote distribution and control of complex hardware and software systems, dynamic I/O configuration of mainframe operating systems and secure internet gateways. David has been recognized by IBM with numerous Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards in the areas of Java, Secure Internet Gateways, Dynamic I/O Configuration and the Remote Distribution and Control of S/370, 4300, S/390 and AS/400 Architecture processors.\n<br><br>\nRecently, Mr. Boloker was a keynote speaker at the 2006 Ajax World conference in San Jose, Ajax Experience in Boston and the PHP conference in New York City. \n<br><br>\nDavid earned a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Mathematics from Boston University.

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